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Published: May 9, 2018 11:28:29 PM

Step One... the Basics

Please enter the address of your property. We'll create it in the system, and load your county-specific details. Don’t worry, property edits can always be made later.

Just follow the prompts, and have documentation ready to upload at each step, when requested. Hover over for more detail.

NOTE: First time filing?

If so, the wizard walks you through it step-by-step.

  1. Create New Property flow, then
  2. the Lease/Tenant info for that unit, and
  3. finally the filing of the Failure to Pay Rent complaint.

TIP: Adding Multi-Unit Properties using the Wizard

If you have a handful of apartments or duplex units, adding additional units on the same address is easy. After the first property has been created using the Create New Property Flow Wizard, then:
1. Begin the Create New Property Flow, either from the Dashboard, or the Properties page

  1. Answer yes to the question: “Is this a Multi-Unit property?”
  2. Select an address from the down selector that appears to copy from existing
  3. Update Address2 (e.g. Upstairs, Downstairs, Apt. B, etc.)
  4. All the Details and Documents copy over. Click through, verify, Submit and you’re done.

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